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The MSP Solution Showcase Speakers and Agenda

Frank M. DeBenedetto

Founder, audIT

How To Use audIT To Create Sales Presentations That Practically Do The Selling For You

With audIT you can quickly create simple and emotionally impactful presentations that are easy for SMBs to understand. audIT sells the way your prospects buy so you can close more sales and generate more MRR. 

In this session you will see:

  • Exactly how audIT works and positions you as the trusted advisor
  • How you can quickly create enterprise level sales presentations in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to do it on your own
  • The sales psychology behind audIT and how to easily present your solutions to your prospects and clients so they say yes every time
  • How audIT will sell high dollar value solutions with little to no price resistance
  • How to use audIT in business reviews to save time and get more upsell and cross-sells

Bruce McCully

Founder and CEO,
Galactic Advisors

Using Microsoft 365 MFA Bypass To Expose Your Prospect's Security Holes

Imagine if you could send out a link, a prospect clicks on it and then you have access to their entire M365 account WITHOUT needing a password or MFA. (Yep! Crazy, right?) Now imagine showing your prospect all the data they have at risk and expose the HEART of the security dilemma—getting them to understand how weak their security actually is.  

Sure, you might be running a network assessment or might even be scanning their network ports, but does that get an executive to listen? Does that get a business owner to invest in the tools you know they need? Yes, patches and configurations are important, but unless you’re linking those to an experience, you’re not getting your point across.   

We’ve found the most effective way to cut through the noise is getting them to do something simple—something they can link back to how hackers get into their network, access their data and bypass their security controls.  

A link. An innocent link that they click. You’re able to show all that’s at stake on their business—all of their data—just from one simple innocent click.  

BONUS: First Time Ever Demonstration on how easy it is for one of our partners to evaluate an entire M365 tenant without credentials or MFA and how they’re using these hacker tricks to get their clients and prospects on board with investing in advanced security. 

Ryan Denning

Vice President of Sales, Crewhu

Use Crewhu To Create Raving Fans While Building A Badass Recognition And Rewards Program

Crewhu is the premier employee recognition and customer satisfaction platform for MSPs. We believe the most successful companies have a VERY strong culture, people, and processes that set them apart and we aren’t alone. The business roundtable BR – says “An organization’s culture acutely impacts business results, from customer loyalty to innovation to achieving strategic financial goals.” 

  • Learn how Crewhu can help set your business apart from the competition.
  • Get more Google reviews and testimonials, create raving fans out of your customers!
  • See real-world examples of very successful MSPs getting ROI using Crewhu in their business.
  • Reduce employee turnover and burnout!
  • Reduce client churn and build loyalty, increase business!
  • Create a Badass company culture, that lives your core values daily!

Guillaume Boisvert

Director, Product Innovation

Office Protect: Simplest Way To Boost Microsoft 365 Security

Office Protect was designed from the ground up to allow MSPs to add differentiating Microsoft 365 security services to their offer. See how we increase baseline security for all types of organizations!

Jason Beal

SVP, Global Channel & Partner Eco System, AvePoint

Christian Buckley

Brand Alliance Director, AvePoint

3 Essential Steps For MSPs To Support Secure Collaboration For Hybrid Work

Hybrid work isn’t going away. Are your clients prepared (and protected)?

The spontaneous collaboration that fuels workplace creativity and engagement can be tricky in a hybrid environment — and it’s even tougher when security concerns come into the picture!

As more employees continue to work across multiple locations and platforms, the problems may escalate. Cyberattacks are rising, and users are still learning their way around collaboration tools that handle sensitive data.

To thrive in this new environment, IT leaders must conduct a deep dive into their organization’s systemic problems and risks.

In this webinar, our experts will share 3 strategies to button up your client’s collaboration rollout, no matter where they are in the process. We’ll showcase Microsoft best practices and how AvePoint solutions can help your clients get hybrid work ready and positioned for long-term success.

Shane Cooper

Manager, Channel Sales at Webroot

Navigating The Modern Threat Landscape: Webroot MDR Powered by Blackpoint

SMBs are being targeted by threat actors looking to steal valuable data or extort money, but small businesses increasingly struggle to maintain an adequate security posture. As MSPs continue to navigate a rising volume of attacks, they will need support from qualified cybersecurity teams who can quickly assess and remediate today’s evolving threats. Managed detection and response (MDR) solutions can enable real-time threat detection and response, allowing businesses to maintain compliance and lower the risk of downtime when the inevitable occurs.

Join Shane Cooper, Manager of Channel Sales at Webroot, to learn how MDR can optimize existing security investments and reduce the impact of successful attacks.

Key takeaways:

  • See why the latest breach tactics have business leaders worried
  • Learn why SMBs and MSPs are increasingly targeted for attack
  • Discover how MDR can help businesses proactively prepare

Walter Contreras

CEO, Binox MSP

Why every MSP should care about the Digital Transformation of the Sales Process

Learn from Industry Leader Walter Contreras how the digital transformation that is reshaping the sales process can accelerate your growth and increase your MRR.

Rad Sethurman

VP Product Management, Cambium Networks

MDU Network Management Has Never Been Easier For MSPs

Join us to learn how Cambium’s solutions deliver unsurpassed connectivity for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) and Hospitality. You will learn how the Cambium Network offers a complete solution for MDUs, featuring multi-gigabit connections and total indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi coverage. Thanks to powerful and cost-effective technologies, residents and guests can stay connected throughout your property—allowing your customers to keep their focus on core business needs.

Joe Apuzzo

Director Of Sales Engineering & Product Services,

A unique all-in one cyber security solution. Now you can offer a complete suite of coverage at an affordable rate

While mid-market businesses are the backbone of the American economy, they traditionally haven’t had access to affordable, enterprise-grade cybersecurity protection. Attacked on multiple fronts and invariably underbudgeted, IT managers typically adopt a “do the best we can with what we have” approach, hoping – and struggling — to cover all the threats they face. Coro’s mission is to provide total protection for far less than what mid-market companies are used to paying. So while we offer IT security, our value is mental security, and freeing our customers to focus on their business. 

This session will provide an overview of the solution, along with a demo of the product in action.

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