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A Half Day Series Of Sessions On the trends, threats, and opportunities MSPs MUST pay attention to in 2024 to stay vigilant, competitive, and you don’t get lapped by your competition! 


January 25th @ 10 a.m. EST | 9 a.m. CST | 8 a.m. MST | 7 a.m. PST

Unusual Cyber Threats

Customer Behavior Trends

New Revenue Opportunities


Join the TOP experts and vendors in the MSP industry as they share the tools, trends, threats, and opportunities you need to know about to set yourself up for a RECORD YEAR!  


Greg Crabtree

Partner At CRI And Author Of Simple Numbers

The 2024 Financial Forecast For MSPs 

2023 was a year of tremendous growth for some MSPs and a stagnant year for others. How does your revenue stack up and what does the market look like for the year ahead? Greg is going to share what MSPs can expect and what factors could help or hinder your revenue growth.  

Mike Stodola


MSP Marketing Trends For 2024 & How To Use AI To GROW! 

Are your competitors using marketing strategies you don’t know about? Are you growing at a competitive rate or falling behind? Is it time for you to leverage AI as a profit strategy? Mike Stodola is going to share the results of our growth survey and give you the details on the marketing hacks you need to know about for 2024 including breakthrough AI tools that are changing the client attraction game.  

Robb Patterson 

Former Director Of Sales & Marketing For A $5 Million MSP & Current Client Coach, TMT

How To Grow Your MSP 10-20% In 2024 Without Adding A Single Client

Tired of chasing new clients? Wishing you could spend a little less on advertising? Don’t miss this session. Robb is going to give you the secret to using strategic account management to grow your revenue fast this year. He’s also going to tell you how to add a highly lucrative revenue stream using just your existing clients by offering a quarterly service they want and need!  


Get LIVE Demos From TOP MSP Vendors On NEW Solutions To Add To Your Stack And Innovative Tools To Maximize Your Growth

2024 Cybersecurity - MSP Trends

The cybersecurity channel is grappling with various challenges, such as staying current with evolving threats, recruiting and retaining skilled analysts, managing vendor portfolio complexity, and scaling capabilities amidst heightened competition.  

Coro will be discussing emerging trends for the MSP in the cybersecurity market:  

  • Growth opportunities exist in managed services.  
  • The role Partners play in advising customers on technology selection due to the fragmented vendor landscape.  
  • Rising customer demands for operational-focused managed services. 
  • Technology integration complexity, alert overload, and workforce gaps.  
  • MSP Key growth areas. 

Dror Liwer 

Founder & CMO 

Datto Backup The Perils of Protecting Azure with Azure

As the IT landscape continues to evolve, MSPs are increasingly steering towards Microsoft Azure, with a whopping 52% anticipating client workloads to migrate within the next 12 months.  

But did you know that Microsoft grapples with over 1,400 attempted cyber attacks each day? The stakes are high, and relying solely on Azure backup may not be enough to safeguard your clients.  

Join us to understand the challenges faced when relying solely on Azure for protection and how to shield your clients confidently.  

The session will cover:  

  1. How sophisticated attackers gain access to the cloud.  
  2. The risks of backing up Azure with Azure. 
  3. How Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure makes backups invisible to cybercriminals. 
  4. And more…


Michael DePalma

VP of Channel Development 

The Power of Cyber Compliance: An MSP Goldmine

MSPs are sitting on a goldmine. Regulatory compliance is already a hot topic, but as the role of regulatory bodies continues to expand, impacting businesses of all sizes and in all sectors, compliance becomes more complex. Even if your clients don’t fall under HIPAA, CMMC, PCI or FTC Safeguards, changes in the regulatory landscape are impacting data management and security, as states are requiring better protection and privacy for consumers.   

In this dynamic 20-minute session, we’ll explore the strategic imperative of integrating cyber compliance into an MSP’s arsenal of enhanced service offerings and how doing so can pave the way for a record-breaking year. As businesses grapple with an ever-evolving threat landscape, MSPs have a unique opportunity to position themselves as indispensable partners by championing cyber compliance. Not only is it a strategic way for MSPs to attract new business, but it also presents the opportunity to increase your revenue by catering to compliance requirements for existing clients. 

Key session highlights include: 

·       Pain Points: Addressing the main pain points and challenges for MSPs when implementing a CaaS program. Explain how NOT offering CaaS can cause you to lose business to your competitors. 

·       MSPs in the Cyber Compliance Ecosystem: Understand the pivotal role MSPs play in helping businesses achieve and maintain cyber compliance. Explore how MSPs can go beyond traditional services to become trusted advisors in the complex realm of cybersecurity regulations. 

·       Market Trends and Client Expectations: Delve into current market trends shaping the demand for cyber compliance services. Learn how aligning with client expectations and regulatory requirements positions MSPs for sustained success and client satisfaction. 

·       Unlocking Revenue Streams: Explore the revenue potential inherent in offering cyber compliance services. Discover how MSPs can capitalize on the growing market demand, turning compliance into a lucrative revenue stream and setting the stage for a financially rewarding year. 

·       Building Client Trust: Recognize the role of cyber compliance in building and maintaining client trust. Discuss strategies for MSPs to position themselves as proactive guardians of client data, fostering long-term partnerships and referrals. 

·       Practical Implementation Strategies: Gain insights into practical strategies for seamlessly integrating cyber compliance into existing MSP offerings. From leveraging automation tools to crafting compelling client communication, learn actionable steps to enhance service portfolios. 

·       Elevating Value Proposition: Explore how embracing cyber compliance elevates the overall value proposition for MSPs. Understand the importance of offering comprehensive, compliance-driven solutions that align with clients’ business objectives and regulatory obligations. 

Join us for this dynamic and insightful session, tailored for MSPs ready to seize the immense potential of cyber compliance. Whether you’re a seasoned MSP or exploring new avenues for growth, this session promises actionable insights to propel your business toward a record-breaking year! 

Bruce McCully

Chief Security Officer

Discover The Hidden & Dangerous Security Risk Impacting 73% of Your Customers – and How to Fix It! 

URGENT: Fresh data reveals a ticking time-bomb looming for both MSPs and your clients!  The data reveals that a staggering 73% of all SMBs that take credit cards are already experiencing this without even realizing it. And even worse, they’re paying hidden fees that shift ALL the risk to them.  

Join Frank DeBenedetto and get the insider secrets to not only shield your clients but also how to use this knowledge as the most effective prospecting tool we’ve seen since ID Agent’s Dark Web Monitoring tool back in 2017.  In this session we’re turning threats into gold! 

Frank DeBenedetto 

GTM General Manager, MSP Suite

How to Write Malware

In a world where anyone can create successful malware or have AI generate it for them, there is still a way to protect your customers. Starting from a default-deny posture, learn how adopting Zero Trust principles can keep your data safe and operations running regardless of hacking attempts by man or machine. 

Danny Jenkins 

CEO & Co-Founder


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